Netflix And Chill With These 10 Raunchy TV Series Featuring Male Nudity

There’s no shame in Netflix’s game, as the streaming platform has become the go-to place for the most scandalously sexy series on television.

Don’t believe us? Well we’d like for you to have a word with Joaquín Ferreira’s huge penis on Club de Cuervos or the horny gay high schoolers on Elite. And if that doesn’t work, we will not be afraid to march your little booty right on over to the graphic orgy scenes on Sense8! Oh, NOW you believe us.

Check out the ten hottest Netflix shows for male nudity, below! And happy watching!

10) Easy
Joe Swanberg’s Chicago anthology series will put a Sears Tower in your pants with a half dozen nude scenes, including Siddhartha Rajan’s huge erect penis and even superstar Orlando Bloom’s perfect peach during a threesome!

9) Sex Education
They might be getting an education on sex, but we get an education in anatomy with nude scenes from SEVEN hotties.


8) Penny Dreadful
This gothic series delivered one of television’s most iconic nude moments when Jonny Beauchamp seductively revealed his penis, but we’re really loving the show’s hot gay sex, like this matchup between Beauchamp’s hole and Reeve Carney’s pole.

7) Hollywood
Super producer Ryan Murphy puts the “wood” in “Hollywood” with a penis-filled pool party – witnessed by openly gay celebrity Jim Parsons. Throw in Jake Picking’s perfect peach, and Hollywood will have you acting out your fantasies.

6) Altered Carbon
Season one of Altered Carbon was full of big cocks – the biggest being from daddy James Purefoy. Altered Carbon is guaranteed to alter something in your pants!

5) Club de Cuervos
Netflix’s first-ever Spanish language series set the stage for the dudity (dude nudity, duh!) that would come in shows like Elite and House of Flowers. Club de Cuervos star Joaquín Ferreira will go down in history as showing off one of the biggest penises ever on television!

4) American Horror Story
Ryan Murphy’s $300 million Netflix deal means that AHS has found its way to the streaming platform. And can we just say, thank Gawd. This means that you can stream nudity from some of the hottest men in Hollywood, like Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, Evan Peters, Zachary Quinto, and SO many more.

3) Elite
Did we promise you horny gay high schoolers or did we promise you horny gay high schoolers?

2) Tales of the City
This celebrated queer miniseries features very realistic gay sex and lots of amazing full-frontal nudity, and we are queer for it! Murray Bartlett and Charlie Barnett delivered the show’s best gay sex scene, while Collin Baja wowed viewers with this delish frontal shot. Woof!

1) Sense8
Could any other series besides Sense8 top our list of the best Netflix shows for male nudity? Highlights include the show’s famous slow-motion orgy sequences, Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Alfonso Herrera’s smoking hot gay scenes, and Max Riemelt’s big uncut peen. We sense 8 inches!