Meet The Hottest Nude Daddies In Cinema

With Father’s Day right around the corner we thought it was time to pay some homage to some of our favorite exposed Daddies.

Below is a list of the hottest nude scenes from cinema of our favorite actors over 40 years old. In fact the list is so long we had to make TWO lists. Stayed tuned for more Daddy beefcake.


Joe Manganiello, 41 in True Blood. Yes we know this is TV not cinema but are you really complaining?  See more of Joe in our BEST BUTTS playlist


Colin Farrell, 42 in Triage / Click here to see his peen? Check out the UNCUT COCKS playlist for more.


Russell Crow, 54 in Virtuosity


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Christopher Meloni, 57 in Oz. Another one fro TV that we CLEARLY had to include

Ben Affleck, 47 in Reindeer Games

Tom Hardy, 40 in Bronson (Click here to see) See ALL that Tom has to offer

Tom Hardy’s backside getting some discipline in Deserter


Denzel Washington, 63 in Ricochet / See more Denzel and other Hot Daddies in the DAD BOD playlist

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 52 in P.S. I Love You