Help! My Friend’s Father Caught Me Giving His Son A BJ, Not Sure What To Do

Two high school friends were playing video games like most normal 16-year-old boys do, but when one thing led to another, the teens dropped their pants and gave each other a friendly blowjob.

Unfortunately for the horny teens, one of the boy’s father caught them in the act.

One of the teen’s shared his experience on Reddit:

I was giving my friend a blowjob and his dad walked in and I backed away with my head down really quickly. He asked what’s going on and we said that we were just playing video games.

We’re both 16… so I literally just left his house ten minutes ago and well I don’t know what to do. I’m next door so I’m home now and honestly I don’t want to come out yet I’m not ready and I think I’m bi.

I was pretty good friends with the dad, is he ever gonna see me the same? It was probably a surprise to him… if he processed what was happening in time because we’re both fit “men” if you know what I mean.

They hear stories of me getting with girls all the time and vice versa. I’m pretty scared to what happens next.

The commenters offered the distressed teen some support:

*If he’s a good dad, even if he saw you blowing his son, he’s going to take the “playing video games” answer. Just cool it a bit. Don’t drop your next-door neighbor/friend over this. Oh, and try to be a little more discreet in the future when you’re playing video games. And I’m so going to laugh the next time someone says that he “loves playing video games.”

*Here’s the thing – you don’t actually know if the dad is upset, ok with it, or if he did what most parents do and file it under ‘It happened but we’ll never talk about it and I don’t wanna think about it’. In that last category that’s what lots of parents do about catching their child being sexual with someone else, as my mom did with my ex-girlfriend. They don’t want to see their child being sexual because it’s their child.

*Unless his dad flipped out, it’s not worth worrying about. Not like y’all can get pregnant. A ton of straight have had gay or homoerotic experiences at young ages so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. My dad walked in on what looked like a buddy straddling me when he was reaching around me trying to grab something on the other side. He walked out mumbling to himself but my buddy and I never had any issues. He told me he didn’t care what I do as long as I don’t do anything stupid. Lol

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h/t: gaybuzzer