Gay Dubliner Dies After Wearing A Gas Mask Inside His ‘Sex Shed’

A 41-year-old Dubliner, Graham Egan, died from asphyxiation after he was discovered by his partner of 11 years, Alan Bigley, in their sex room wearing a gas mask.

Reporting for The Daily Mail, Julian Robinson writes:

Mr Bigley told the coroner that the pair were watching television when Mr Egan said he was going outside, the Irish Independent reports.
‘Graham said he was going out to the shed to chill out. We use it as a discreet playroom,’ he is quoted as saying.

But when he went outside to check on his partner in the early hours of the morning, he found him unresponsive and wearing a gas mask. There was also evidence of sex toys, the inquest heard.

Police said he was in a concrete structure that appeared to be purpose built for sexual activity.

The coroner was told that Mr Egan had suffered from an acid reflux problem a month before his death while an autopsy revealed he had inhaled gastric contents after a recent meal.

He was rushed to a local hospital but never regained consciousness. The coroner recorded the event as death by misadventure.

What’s remarkable about this story has less to do with its prurient nature and more to do with the responses from The Mail’s readers who overwhelmingly rejected the ‘gay’ angle finding it intrusive and offensive. The majority of respondents seemed to agree: “What is the fact he was gay got to do with anything?”

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