Gay Muslim Escort Confesses: I’ve Slept With Several Married, Closeted UK Politicians

“I am gay and Muslim and I was an asylum seeker in this country,” confesses a rentboy who has written a provocative piece for The Spectator in which he spills the tea on the multiple UK politicians he has slept with over the years.

Working under the pseudonym “Mohammed Ashfaq,” he says he came to the UK “because some of my gay friends were killed back home.”

He says the reason he has decided to talk openly about his experiences is because of a recent political scandal that rocked the UK this week. Keith Vaz, a married British lawmaker, stepped down from his position after the Sunday Mirror said he paid two male escorts and offered to pay for cocaine if it was brought to a future meeting.

“I am not surprised that Keith Vaz has been caught sleeping with male hookers,” Ashfaq writes. “I’m one myself and so I know that overweight married Asians are our staple. We often joke that without Indians and-Middle Eastern guys, we’d all be broke. They are always married. I’ve always been sickened by the way they betray their wives, but they aren’t paying me for my judgment.”

In the four years he’s been escorting, he says he has had “hundreds of different and weird experiences” and has serviced a few politicians “from the House of Lords and the House of Commons.”

He writes:

One has a nice car and he collects me, then drives me back to his flat. He has a house outside London but he uses the place in London for dangerous liaisons. (This is common.) The man is married but I don’t think he has much of a relationship. The-politicians think I don’t know who they are, but I’m not stupid. I watch Question Time and the news.

I met one member of the House of Lords, a man who used to be married many years ago. Before he was ennobled he was MP for one of the poshest London constituencies. He told me he was in the closet then. He was married and had a son. Now he is a grand-father and open about his sexuality. I liked him. He wasn’t interested in intercourse. He was more into wrestling. It was a safe-sex habit he picked during the HIV panic of in the 1980s.

He says some of his clients are far less concerned about AIDS and want to have unprotected sex. “They are crazy,” he writes. “Most escorts don’t oblige. Those who do say yes are either HIV positive or-desperate for the money — often because they are on drugs.”

He confesses that escorting is quite often a pretty boring job, “Some-clients bury their heads in a pillow, others are so high on drugs that they don’t really have a clue what is going on. Often I get my phone and start texting friends to make the time go by.”

In fact, the whole process of being an escort is rather tedious. You have to sit around a lot waiting for bookings. Each morning I log on to the escort websites I use, then wait. Then at about 11 a.m. I get up and go to the gym. You have to drop everything at short notice when you get a booking, so it’s difficult to make plans.

He says the busiest time for an escort is Sunday evening because “people have been at home with their wife and kids all weekend and it’s driven them mad.” Hiring an escort is their escape.

He says London is “is full of people with cash to burn,” adding that clients give presents and bonuses. “A friend of mine has just been given £10,000 cash from a man he sees.”

Ashfaq says his family has no idea why he was granted asylum and has absolutely no clue that he is gay.

He says they keep asking him when he will get a wife, but he confesses:”I will not get married, even though it would make life easier. It’s wrong to do that to a woman. It annoys me that people still get married because they are too scared to accept who they are. That said, closet-ed men pay well and use lots of escorts, so without them I would be much worse off.”