Stephen Colbert Tracks Down Trump’s “Top Cop”…Turns Out He’s A “Rough And Tough” Stripper

Stephen Colbert took Donald Trump to task over a supposed meeting he had with a “top cop” in Chicago on Friday night’s The Late Show, while offering us some much needed late night eye candy.


EW fills us in:

During an earlier interview with Fox News, Trump claimed to have met with “a top police officer in Chicago” described as “a rough, tough guy” who allegedly asserted he could stop the city’s crime “in one week.” Using news reports and statements from Chicago’s police department and mayor’s office, Colbert easily picked apart Trump’s story. But the host also did his own digging that proved fruitful.

Colbert welcomed the so-called top cop, Officer Raw Johnson, to his show and the guest dropped some clues as to his true profession. “I was on my way to investigate a noise disturbance when Mr. Trump stopped me and asked me how we can clean this city,” Johnson said. “I told him there’s some naughty people out there that need to be put in cuffs.”


As you might expect, he turned out to be a male stripper dressed as a cop, who then showed off his “guns” while Colbert showered him in dollar bills.


Watch the sexy segment below: