Oregon High School Coach And Players Accused Of ‘Aggressive’ Sexual Hazing Of Underclassmen

In the latest report of ‘aggressive’ hazing, six students and their football coach at Philomath High School, just south of Portland, Oregon, have been charged with multiple counts of assault, reports The Guardian.

“Benton County district attorney John Haroldson said six students, aged 15-17, are facing a range of assault and harassment charges, including “offensive physical contact with intimate parts”.

The hazing allegedly involved 11 freshmen victims, and Haroldson said in a statement that the “underclassmen’s intimate areas were aggressively targeted as a form of initiation”.

And thanks to the ubiquity of cell phones and the reach of social media, hazing is getting the airing it has long deserved. But for many gay men, these stories tap into a sort of primordial fear and titillation. Who can forget the dread (and excitement) of having to change in front of your high school classmates, furtively glancing at the jocks with their remarkably developed young bodies all the while terrified that one wrong look could spell doom. The sort of doom that we are reading about here.

But while these stories shock and sadden, they also expose hard truths about teen-age boys whose homosexual curiosity manifests itself in violent ways with often terrifying results.

Gay porn frequently conjures up these images – the lone high schooler ‘forced’ to have sex with the sexy older jock – but the reality for many is far from the sexy and sanitized images we see in X-rated scenes.

What were your experiences in the high school locker room? Share your sexiest, most awkward or, if you feel safe, your most painful memories from this difficult phase of sexual maturity and tell us what punishment these band of predators deserves.