Guy Goes For A Naked Swim, Inadvertently Catches A Fish With His Penis

A Russian man was enjoying a naked swim in a local river when a large fish appears to have latched on to his dick.

A viral video purports to show the hands-free fisherman emerging from the water with a grayling attached to his manhood.

Commentary on the video states: “”This is a polar region – the land of tough fishermen and strong nibbles.”

The cameraman then offers up this warning: “Be careful there. There is a hole there underwater.”

“I’ve just caught some grayling there. Take care.”


The naked man replies: “I’m not afraid of them.”

He dives into the water only to emerge a few seconds swearing as the fish latches on.

Angler-claims-to-have-caught-a-fish (1)

“Look what I’ve caught on my ‘worm’. Fuck! It could bite it off, fuck.”

gay porn01

Watch the video below:

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h/t: mirror