This Hunky Exotic Animal Vet Is Giving The Internet A Serious Case Of ‘Puppy Love’

Meet Evan Antin, a California-based exotic animal vet who is giving his patients a serious case of ‘puppy love’.

Antin, who was named the “Sexiest Beast Charmer” by People’s Magazine, has spent years traveling 6 continents to treat animals in need.


He is also a part-time model and has worked as a personal trainer.

Just check out some of the adorable Instagram posts that are turning thousands into full-time stalkers:

Those muscles sure come in handy:

And a sense of humor:

He’s also a cat whisperer:



He loves exploring caves 200 feet underground:

<3>Yes please!

Loves to travel the world:

Did we mention he’s an exotic animal veterinarian:


Anyone else suffering from puppy love?

Oh shit!

Look at those delts:

Anyone need a good drilling?

We are officially in love!