The Half-Naked Snow Challenge Of 2016 Goes Viral

Winter Storm Jonas may have left much of the east coast paralyzed after dumping several feet of snow this weekend, but that hasn’t kept hundreds of half-naked men and woman from taking up the #SnowChallenge.


The viral ‘challenge’ involves people with little to no clothing jumping into the snow and attempting to swim through the snow drifts.


Over 10,000 videos have been uploaded to Instagram over the last 72 hours, and we have compiled some of our favorites below.

What else to do in the snow. Snow challenge!! #cold #snowchallenge #noshirt #snow #freezing #funny #2016 #aftermath

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Turns out breaststroke doesn’t work too well in the snow #snowchallenge

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A video posted by Albatrit_hu (@albatrit_hu) on

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The art of snow swimming:More #SnowChallenge videos:

Posted by The Gaily on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Others had different takes on the #SnowChallenge:

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And of course, don’t forget to upload your naked snow videos too:

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