Here Are 16 Celebs And Athletes Who Leaked And Shared Naked Pics In 2015 [NSFW]

Celebs and athletes helped quench our thirst all year with more ass and ‘D’ than most of us were equipped to handle.

We have listed some of our favorite NSFW moments from 2015 below, just in case you happened to miss them or in case you needed a quick reminder.

Stay thirsty my friends!

1. Lenny Kravitz Splits His Pants On Stage Exposing His Penis To Swedish Fans

Lenny Kravitz treated his Swedish fans to the worst (or best) wardrobe malfunction of all-time when his leather pants ripped completely open onstage, and his junk fell out. (View the video here)

2. Former Boy Band Member Ashley Parker Angel Shows Us His Bum

Actor and former O-Town member, Ashley Parker Angel, celebrated the completion of his 100 Days of Fitness challenge with a naked photo on Instagram. (Read more here)

3. John Legend’s Wife Shares Glorious Picture Of His Butt On Instagram

John Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, uploaded a photo of John Legend’s derrière on Instagram in July. (Read more here)

4. UK Footballer Outed As Dude Who’s Been Posting Tumblr Photos Of His Third Leg

It appears Tumblr user bigwhitecock20, a man who has been anonymously posting nude photos of his giant penis (with his face cropped out), appears to have been posted by a 19-year-old UK footballer. (View the pics here)

5. WWE Wrestler Seth Rollins’ Nude Selfies Leaked Online After Phone Hacking

Naked pictures of WWE wrestlers Seth Rollins and WWE model Zahra Schreiber surfaced on several social media accounts in February, in what appears to be a hack followed by a revenge post from Rollins’ scorned lover. (Continue reading here)

6. Justin Bieber’s Penis Is On The Internet After A Naked Swim In Bora Bora

While on vacation in Bora Bora, Justin Bieber decided to go for a naked swim, and as luck would have it, a paparazzo took photos of his birthday suit. (View them here)

7. This English Footballer Loves Showing Off His Assmazing Bubble Butt

English footballer Ashley Cain is a winger currently playing for Midland Football League Premier Division side Coventry Sphinx, but you may know him better for his appearance on MTV UK’s series Ex on the Beach.

The 24-year-old was not afraid to show off his incredibly fit bod on the reality show which throws 8 single men and women together, along with their exes.(View the full set of NSFW pics here)

8. Social Media Went Going Crazy Over Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy’s Naked Instagram Pics

American Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy, who won silver in the Winter Olympics last year, was celebrated earlier this year for his courage to come out publicly, but also, for his incredibly hot instagram feed, which among other things, shows off his amazing bubble butt. (View all his pics here)

A photo posted by gus kenworthy (@guskenworthy) on

9. Jennifer Aniston’s Hubby, Justin Theroux Strips Off For Naked Bathtub Scene In The Leftovers

Actor Justin Theroux, who’s married to Jennifer Aniston, stripped off for a nude bathtub scene last month on HBO’s The Leftovers. (Check out the GIFs here)

10. Matt Bomer Gets Naked With Lady Gaga During Orgy Scene On “AHS: Hotel”

Social media went wild in October when to Matt Bomer’s ass and his orgy seen with Lady Gaga on the premiere episode of American Horror Story: Hotel! (Check out Bomer’s ass here)

11. X-Men Star Ben Hardy Goes Full-Frontal In The Play “Judas Kiss”

Several revealing images of British actor Ben Hardy, who is set to star in X-Men: Apocalypse, surfaced online earlier this month after he appeared naked in The Judas Kiss, a play about Oscar Wilde and his lover. (See the NSFW pics here)

12. Hockey Star Sean Avery Showed Us His Jockstrap

Hockey hunk Sean Avery shared a very revealing Instagram photo in August that had his fans begging for more! (Read more here.)

Are u ready to #Sweat with me this Sat ✔️✌?️? @southamptonsweat 08/29/15

A photo posted by Sean Avery (@imseanavery) on

13. Rugby Star Keegan Hirst

Just days after Rugby League player Keegan Hirst became the first British professional in the code to openly come out as gay, the married father of two has bared it all for the world to see. (Read more here)

14. ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Dustin McNeer Went Full Frontal

Christmas came early this year after nude pics allegedly belonging to former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ hunk Dustin McNeer leaked online. (Read more here)

15. Blackburn Rugby Club Players Strip Down For Annual Naked ‘Guinness Run’

The infamous Blackburn Rugby Club ‘Guinness Run’ involves a half dozen players that race around a field and then down a pint of Guinness, completely naked of course! (See more here)

16. Zac Efron Finally Gives The World A Glimpse Of ‘The D’ And Booty In NSFW GIFs

You’ve probably seen the photos of Zac Efron running round on the set of his latest film ‘Dirty Grandpa’ in nothing but underwear, but some gifs have surfaced online revealing even more of the Hollywood hunk’s birthday suit. (Check out the GIFs here)

Bonus: NFL Locker Room Interview Shows Off Naked Bengals Players On Live TV

A routine NFL Network postgame locker room interview gave viewers at home a surprise strip show as Bengals football players dropped their towels in the background.

The NSFW moment happened during Albert Breer’s interview with cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones in the Bengals locker room after Cincinnati’s road win over Buffalo on Sunday.(Watch the video here)

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