Turns Out That Wet, Hot, Shirtless Jogger Has Been Praying Outside Chicago Gay Bars For Years

Remember that wet, hot, shirtless jogger who broke the internet after he was interviewed by Chicago’s WGN, well it turns out he has been praying outside of gay bars for years to save us all from eternal damnation.

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24-year-old Ethan Renoe has spent the last four years spreading the gospel around Chicago’s gayborhood, holding up a sign that says “free prayer” and offering to pray with anyone who stops by.

#tbt God did some amazing things on the streets of Chicago! #freeprayer

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Though the group says they frequents locations in different Chicago neighborhoods, the ministry’s current student leader, Noah Reynolds, says he spends most of his time at their “Boystown location” outside the gay bar Progress.

“My primary purpose of going there is to show this community love that has been severely damaged by those who claim to be Christians,” he said. “That area has been hurt by people who claim Christ’s name.”

When asked whether he thinks what they’re doing is similar to the Westboro Baptist Church, Reynolds said “No! 100,000 percent no.”

“Westboro Baptist is nearly the antithesis of what we are. Our message is a message of grace through faith. It doesn’t matter how far you have fallen, Christ loved you enough to die for you to set you free.”

Internet sleuths have also uncovered a video of Renoe promoting the faith group alongside co-founder Carson Lee, who, according to NewNowNext, seemed to suggest a different message entirely at the time.


“People come in and you can just smell the emptiness on them, the desire to have something more fulfilling than the way they’re living their life. They’re either obsessed with their jobs, or obsessed with sex, or obsessed with money, or drinking,” he said.

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“Some people come at us angrily, but I can understand that because that community is their stronghold and that’s where their identity lies and they feel like we’re attacking it, but that’s before they talk to us,” student Andy wood told NBC 5. “Regardless of lifestyle decisions we have the same opportunity to share the gospel and love people.”

Check out the video below:

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