Here’s Your Non-Awkward Guide To Buying Someone Else A Sex Toy

Sex toys make great holiday gifts and who better to help us navigate this sometimes awkward purchase than a sex toy expert.

Check out some of our sex toy recommendations, which you can purchase from the convenience of your bedroom, below.

The Non-Awkward Guide To Buying Someone Else A Sex ToySex toys make great holiday gifts and our friends at Babeland are here to show you how to do it.

Posted by HuffPost Gay Voices on Monday, December 14, 2015

We have rounded up 12 of our favorites for your consideration. You can buy one for yourself or maybe give one to the special person in your life.

1. AutoBlow2

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When there’s no one around to lend you a helping…mouth… look no further. Think of it like a fleshlight on steroids. Just lube up the sleeve that best fits you—there are three sizes to choose from—sit back, and enjoy a life-like, hands-free solo blowjob. Oh, and the sleeve comes off for easy clean-up, which is always nice. This tops the list as the best sex toy of the year,  and also the coolest secret santa gift ever. We got a few of these delivered to The Gaily Grind office and its hands down the best toy of the year.

2. Hulk Vibrating Anal Throbber

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For the comic book nerd in your life who’s looking to take anal play a little bit further, this throbber is akin to a giant superhero ravaging your asshole. He’ll imagine the Hulk saying “just the tip” as six total inches enter him by force. But it’s the 2.5-inch width that will really test his limits.

3. Make a Dildo Kit

Make Your Own Dildo Kit

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Now, it’ll have a whole new meaning when you tell him to go fuck himself. And if you’re feeling nice, what better bonding experience than an afternoon spent getting him hard and making a replica of his boner?

4. Both Ways Ben

Both Ways Ben

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Need a little something-something for that versatile guy in your life? This bad boy will help anyone cum upon a midnight clear. He says he’s more of a top but we all know his new year’s resolution will be getting all 8 inches inside.

5. For the guy with control issues



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What if you could wave a wand and have 9 full inches whenever you wanted? If your ears perked up, this is for you. For the controlling types, the shaft also bends and flexes in any direction, for maximum comfort and control. Bonus beads provide extra excitement as you try to see how many you can take. Full control and the biggest wand on the market.

6. For your straight friend who doesn’t know where his g-spot is


L’arque Prostate Massager

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If you aren’t taking advantage of the insane pleasure you can get from the male g-spot, you’re missing out. This guy is perfectly shaped to send vibrations directly to your hot spot for the most explosive orgasms ever. With a little dab of lube, the smooth silicone slides inside any butt virgin. A perfectly angled shaft ensures stimulation is always where you need it. Trust: a few minutes in and you’ll never question sticking something in your butt again.

7. Penis extension



Up! Vibrating Extension Sleeve

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Got an insatiable bottom to keep happy at home? It’ll be the most wonderful time all year round when you slip this on, which gives an extra 2 inches to your cock’s length and, with the added bullet slot, makes sure you’ll both be getting something extra out of the deal.

8. For the practical man in your life


Cheeky Boy

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A prostate stimulator and anal beads found themselves under a mistletoe, and the rest is history. This combination tool vibrates to give you an insatiable sensation on both your prostate and taint and, to boot, you get the bonus pleasure you’d get with anal beads.

9. For your friend that needs something in his ass 24/7

Colt Waterproof Anal-T

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Next time you and yours decide to cozy up for a steamy two-person shower, get a little dirty before you clean each other up. This waterproof, five-inch anal toy will send shivers up your man’s spine, no matter how hot the water is.

10. For your friend who has a big mouth.


Mighty Mouth

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What to do when you’re all alone and you need a mouth to stick your dick in, but there are no mouths around? In many ways, this sucker is better than your average blowjob. It has 30 different functions plus, there’s a suction cup on the base so you can get off completely hands-free.

11. For the jetsetter in your life

Fleshlight Flight

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With holidays come lots of traveling. Which can make it a little harder to decently get off. This compact version of the fleshlight is perfect for rescuing you from your holiday woes. It’s just eight inches long, so it’ll tuck easily into your carry on. But uh, maybe don’t try to join the mile high (solo) club with this one. Some things are better left for when you land.