Joe And Nick Jonas Love Visiting Gay Clubs Together And Getting Hit On By Other Guys

Currently on tour promoting “SWAAY,” a disco-inspired EP by his “funk-pop” band, DNCE, Joe Jonas recently sat down with PrideSource to spill some beans about the times he has accompanied his brother Nick Jonas to gay clubs, where they of course were hit on by gay men.

“It’s flattering,” Joe Jonas tells PrideSource’s Chris Azzopardi. “I don’t mind… if someone is nice. And it’s been cool to see at these concerts too. A lot of guys come out to the shows – some gay guys as well – and I love that. They rock out; they have fun. And I feel like the music is helping people express themselves in a way. I’m seeing people with glitter on their face, with the brightest colors. I love that we can encourage people to be themselves.”

Jonas also said he’s “accidentally” stumbled into gay bars before.

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“I hope now we can encourage other straight guys to have a voice as well,” Jonas, who hasn’t ruled out a Jonas Brothers reunion, said. “I care too much about my friends who are gay and fans who are gay to be quiet about it.”

Thanks for all the love guys!

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