If This Senator Gets His Way, Gay Cousins Would Be Able To Marry Each Other

Should gay cousins be allowed to marry each other?

Irish Senator David Norris is making the case for gay cousins who he feels should be allowed to marry each other, following the marriage equality referendum.

Mr Norris says he would have no problem with gay cousins marrying as it would have no impact on the genetic pool.

Irish Independent reports:

Speaking in the Seanad during a debate on same-sex marriage legislation, the senator said he believed he would be pilloried by the media for expressing this view.

“It would not take a feather out of me if two cousins married each other,” Mr Norris said.

Mr Norris said when he started his campaign to decriminalise homosexuality he was faced with a “world of hatred, contempt and silence”.

“Gay people were regarded as sources of sin, crime and disease,” he added.

However, Mr Norris said there has been a huge transformation in the attitudes towards homosexuality over the years.

“I have heard so many moving stories of young people all over Ireland who have been given the courage for the first time to face the reality of their sexuality, come out, declare themselves and live their lives,” Mr Norris said.

It is worth noting that twenty-five U.S. states prohibit marriages between first cousins while six states allow first cousin marriage under certain circumstances. North Carolina allows first cousin marriage but prohibits double-cousin marriage.

Laws regarding first-cousin marriage in the United States via Wikipedia:

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