My First Robot Blowjob: A Review Of The World’s First Automated Blowjob

Robot Blowjob: Autoblow 2 Review

Ever wish you could snap your fingers and get a blowjob, on demand? Considering the dry spell I’ve been going through, this has been a recurring thought of mine lately. So when I was given a chance to try the Autoblow 2, an electronic robot blowjob, I eagerly accepted and gave it a go. (And then another. And another. And…well, you get the idea.)

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How It Works


Flesh sleeve + lube + dual internal pumping beaded rings = robot blowjob. It’s that simple. The sleeve fits into the base, nestled inside the dual rings. So when you slide your cock inside the sleeve, these rings stroke you from the outside, giving a realistic feeling of being blown.

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A dial on the bottom lets you control the speed of the stroking. I played around with different speeds and suggest going with something on the slow-to-medium side. It’s not that the faster speeds don’t feel good; the slower just feel better and much more natural.

Instead of using batteries, which can be annoying to frequently replace, especially for all you chronic jackers out there, this plugs into the wall. Thankfully the makers thought about the tethered feel you might have with a plug-in device, and made an extra long cord, so it doesn’t feel restricted.

The Feel

The thing I was most curious about — and always am whenever a sex toy says it feels just like the real thing — was what this fleshy sleeve actually felt like. So the minute I tore the box open, I…well, I fingered it. I was happy to find that it really is a close match to the real thing. (And it only gets better when you add lube to it.)

Using It

Okay, so I’m a bad gay. When I first went to use the Autoblow, I realized I was fresh out of lube. But I didn’t feel like waiting (or going out to buy some), so at first I went the old-fashioned route: spit. (Don’t judge me.) This way still felt good, but take my word for it: you should definitely use (water-based) lube for the best possible experience. Once I ponied up and got lube, it was a completely different, far better sensation, and I didn’t last nearly as long before cumming.

Knowing that the gizmo mimics a blowjob sensation using dual sets of beaded rings, I wasn’t sure how close to the real thing it would actually feel. But with the combination of the stroking action, fleshy sleeve, and a good lube, it feels exactly like the real thing.

Best of all, it does the work for you.

There’s something to be said about being about to just sit back and let the robot do its thing while you hold it in place. Or, as I find myself doing every so often, pumping the device itself, for a little double action. Either way, if you’re alone, horny, and no prospect of a hook-up on the horizon, this thing really delivers, with almost no actual effort on your part.


Super easy. The fleshy sleeve pulls right out; wipe it down with a little warm water and soap, and it’s good to go. And it should go without saying, but just in case: Don’t run the base under water; it’s an electronic, so you’ll fry it if you do. If you get a little lube on the outside, just use a damp washcloth or paper towel to clean up.

So, what do you think? Want to give Autoblow2 a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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