“Orthodox Priests” Disrobe In Hottest (And Most Scandalous) Calendar Of The Year

The highly anticipated 2016 Orthodox Priest calendar has arrived, and we have some scandalous pictures to prove that it is by far the most provocative and sexy calendar to date!

orthodox cal 2016-8

This year’s edition is titled “Sancta Paraphilia,” which creators say translates to “holy desires, or sexual practices that differ from the traditional,” reports the Huffington Post.

orthodox cal 2016-3

The photos  “demonstrate…that desires and temptations do not know gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, opinion or beliefs, ability, age or any other status and certainly not borders,” they said.




Check out the steamy promo video below:

Also be sure to check out the ridiculously sexy photos below:

orthodox cal 2016-10

orthodox cal 2016-9

orthodox cal 2016-7


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orthodox cal 2016-4

orthodox cal 2016-5


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