Meet The First Gay Couple To Graduate Together From The Boston Police Academy

Boyfriends Jimmy Moccia and Shawn MacIver are set to make history tomorrow as the first openly gay couple to graduate from the Boston Police Academy.

“I think it’s important to note that throughout the entire academy experience we were never afraid to be ourselves,” Moccia said after yesterday’s eight-mile run.

“I’m not going to lie. I was pretty nervous on the first day back in December,” he said, “I sort of didn’t want people to find out because I didn’t want people to look at me differently. I wanted people to get to know us. We didn’t want to be known as ‘the gay cops.’ We’re cops who just happen to be gay. There’s so many other things we are. Yeah, gay’s on the list, but it doesn’t define us.”

“It’s not anything we were hiding, but we wanted to prove ourselves as classmates and friends. And over the course of our training, we were welcomed by everyone. Our peers, our classmates, can say we were down in the mud, we were running, we were doing push-ups, we were going through the same training. The academy kicked our asses … but we’re still standing at the end of it.”

Boston Herald reports:

MacIver has done his own research on the Web and thinks he and Moccia may be the first gay couple in any major police department in the U.S. “First in the nation,” he said.

MacIver almost gave up on his dream of becoming a cop after a stint with a small-town police force in central Mass. reinforced the idea that he could never come out to his colleagues.

But things changed when he moved to Boston five years ago and met Tim Hancock a member of the BPD’s SWAT team.

“Tim came out 20 years ago this month after he graduated from the police academy,” MacIver said. “He’s a former Marine, a legend in the department, not to mention an inspiration and motivator who told me I could pick up my dream and follow it here in Boston.

“I’ll admit that I was reluctant at first about sitting down for this interview,” he added. “But Tim reminded me that it was people like him and Boston officer Javier Pagan who opened the door for guys like Jimmy and myself, and we were only following his lead.

h/t: instinct