Hunky Sailors Invade The Big Apple For NYC Fleet Week 2015

Are you ready for New York City’s 27th annual Fleet Week?



The yearly invasion of thousands of our brave service men and women in uniform kicked off on May 20 and honors the contributions of maritime service men and women.

It is also one of the best times to fall in love with a man in uniform!

The Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard have been making a social-media splash by encouraging people to snap photos with the troops and use the hashtag #SelfieWithASailor – an idea we are totally cool with!

#fleetweek #godblessamerica #hunty

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There's a snake in his boot!!! #selfiewithasailor

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God loves the Gays … #hot yay #FleetWeek #NYC #Bless our #troops #NYC #love

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These two handsome gents just walked into my frame. Caught 'graming during #FleetWeek.

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⚓️ ?? #fleetweek #sailors #usa #newyork

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Wish I was in NYC for fleet week ?? #fleetweek

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Happy Fleet Week & Memorial Day!

2d CEB wishes you a happy memorial day! @dmiddaugh14 @shoboyshow #923Amp #ShoboyInTheMorning

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We can only dream!