Wendy Williams Tells America That Guys Who Use Grindr Are Seedy Sluts

This just-in from the moral compass of America, Wendy Williams: If you are using Grindr, you are a complete and total slut. That’s all!

That’s the profound wisdom Williams shared with her audience this week during her Hot Topics segment where she discussed Hilary Duff’s dating life and her use of the dating/hook-up app called Tinder. She went on to let her ‘straight’ audience know that they should hold themselves to a higher standard than the “seedy gays” if they use Tinder.

Williams said:

When I think of Tinder, I think of Grindr. Like something a little more seedy…Grindr is what the gay community uses…the gay community that I know uses it for a quick sleezy hookup. They’re not trying to get booed up like that.

Like, you go on Grindr, you find a location and somebody hot, then you look at their picture and then you say ‘ok I’ll meet you at the corner in a second.’ It’s like immediate gratification.

Wendy thinks that Tinder is much different than Grindr (because girls would never hookup with a guy they met on Tinder), and also had a few thoughts to share about the photo Hilary’s using on the app:

“Your profile picture, Hilary, it’s very suggestive. The time stamp is 8:45 at night, looks like she had a little libation, she’s scantily clad, her hair is tousled, her eyes are glossy and red. It’s suggestive, like she wants to put out on a first date.”

Skip to the 12:17 mark to hear Wendy’s Grindr comments and tell us what you use Grindr for in the poll below:

h/t: NNN