Drunk Husband Has Sex With Dude From Church, Pat Tells Wife To Forgive Him

Televangelist Pat Robertson is back with some more gay sex advice, this time telling a distraught wife whose husband had a drunken gay affair with a fellow church member to forgive him, unless of course he is a “habitual homosexual.”

“My husband and I are Christians and have been together for 11 years,” Carol wrote in an email to the 700 Club. “Recently I found out he cheated on me with a male Christian friend in our church. He says it was a mistake, that it just happened while they were both drunk and he wants me to forgive him. I don’t know if I can. What should I do?”

“He’s been married for 11 years. This guy got drunk….” Robertson began his response.

His co-host then reminds Pat that it was with a fellow male churchgoer, to which Robertson replied, ““Well, hey, drunk, he didn’t know what he was dealing with. She says, ‘Should I forgive?’ Of course you should.”


“If he were this way all the time, if he’s a habitual drunk, if he’s a habitual homosexual, if he’s a habitual philanderer, then by all means take a hike. But one time, 11 years, don’t throw all of that away,” Robertson said.

Watch the clip below:

h/t: rawstory