Watch These Canadian Water Polo Hunks Transform Into “Baywatch” Drag Queen Babes

The Toronto Triggerfish, one of the largest LGBT water polo clubs in the world, have released a Baywatch spoof video to promote their attendance at the 2015 EuroGames in Stockholm.

“This video [throws] down the gauntlet to the rest of the gay water polo league,” the team declared on their Vimeo page. “The Toronto Triggerfish are the best both in and out of the water.”

“The whole thing took about a month to produce,” explained Shih-Ming Yao, star and director of the video. “I’d like to say that there was a rigorous casting process, but to be honest we found a role for everyone that wanted to be in it. We deliberately kept the video fairly low-tech, we shot the footage on an iPhone6 and a GoPro, and then edited it all together with iMovie.”

‘We just wanted to make something fun for the club,” she added. “The Triggerfish have a reputation for being a fun club both in and out of the water, and I thought it was time for the world to be reminded of that. Playing a team sport – regardless of sexuality – is about forming bonds, creating networks and building friendships’ believes Yao. ‘It’s great fun and a healthy way to challenge yourself physically and make connections with people you may not normally meet.”