“Game of Thrones” Actor Uses His Massive Pecs To Protect Mother Nature

Former Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa used his massive pecs as a billboard for advocacy this week, posting a picture on Instagram defending Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano from construction of a massive telescope.


PopSugar adds:

The landmark is widely revered among native Hawaiians, and many island-born stars are gathering to gain awareness of the telescope project in a social media campaign that was started by Jason last Friday. The actor, who was born in Honolulu to a native Hawaiian father, urged his fellow celebrities to get in on the cause via Twitter and Instagram and shared a photo of himself shirtless with the words “We Are Mauna Kea” scrawled across his chest.

We also wouldn’t mind Jason scrawling “We Are Mauna Kea” on that amazing ass of his:

Update: Hollywood celebs Jai Courtney and Ian Somerhalder have also joined the campaign: