Sex Expert Responds To Gay Couple Who Want To Spice Up Sex Lives With Food

A gay couple recently sought out the advice of a U.K. sex expert asking how they can use food to spice up their sex lives.

“My boyfriend and I are quite adventurous when it comes to the bedroom and we’re wondering whether we could use fruits and vegetables and other foods as part of our activities?” the man asked. “Is it dangerous to insert things like cucumbers and carrots?”

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The sexpert first responded by letting us know that fruits and vegetables are “a great way to excite and reignite your sex life,” as long as they are used responsibly.

“Using soft fleshy, non-acidic fruit such as honeydew melons or watermelons can be an exciting way to get new sensations,” the sexpert suggested. “Simply put a hole in it and thrusting in and out will provide interesting brand new feelings.”

“Alternatively you can always use other foodstuffs such as chocolate spreads or even Marmite,” he continued.

“To answer your question about carrots and cucumbers, extreme caution must be used when inserting anything into your butt that doesn’t have a handle or give good grip. Many people have ended up in A&E after failing to retrieve a cucumber, banana or carrot lodged in their rectums. A painful experience that can actually lead to death if left untreated. We would urge anyone who has gotten anything stuck up there to seek medical advice immediately, no matter how embarrassed you feel.”

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The sexpert suggests that the couple use a proper dildo or vibrator for anal play, but “if you are going to insert a carrot, gherkin, cucumber or banana, make sure you’re relaxed. Some of these vegetables can be much larger than a penis, so using lots of lube and taking your time is a must.”

DurexUSA also has some suggestions when introducing food items into the bedroom.

Keep it sweet and light

Whether using food on the tongue or body (more on this later) food foreplay is an appetizer, but sex is the meal. So hold the savory and spicy (which can burn skin or eyes), and stick to sweets for your sweet. If you’re into healthier sweets, try pieces of fresh seasonal fruit, like cherries, strawberries or mango slices. If you’re more of a candy craver, play with ice cream toppings, like caramel sauce or marshmallow creme. Or go crazy and combine the two! You can gently handfeed each other or use each other’s bodies as plates.

Just remember that a little goes a long way. Eating too much before getting intimate will only make you and your partner feel sluggish, give you a sugar crash later, and may even lead to ahem, motion sickness. Besides, if your partner’s hungry enough to ask for seconds, you two should probably eat lunch first.

Engage all your senses

Bringing food into the bedroom engages the senses and we don’t just mean taste. Use foods that smell and feel good on bare skin. (Sorry, stinky cheese lovers. Save that for a real meal!) To keep things hot, try foods you can heat up, like chocolate or honey. Or you can go the opposite direction with popsicles, frozen grapes, or just plain ice. Play around with these items, hot and cold alike, running them over sensitive zones like the neck, earlobes, nipples and lips.


At the same time, don’t forget to use your hands to stroke, caress, and massage your partner, especially below the waist, where food is off-limits.

[h/t: TheGayUK/Queerty]