Man Gets His Erection Stuck In A Roll Of Tape, Turns To Internet For Help [NFSW]

This is a story about a man who decided to turn a roll of tape into a makeshift cockring, which then became stuck when he couldn’t lose his boner.

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Last week, an anonymous 4chan user apparently got his erect penis stuck inside a roll of tape and then asked the experienced masturbators of 4chan’s /b/ for help in removing the makeshift cockring in a post titled ““I can’t lose this boner! I’ve had it for about 20 minutes, WTF do I do?


Click here to view the NSFW uncensored pictures.

DailyDot has the painful breakdown:

/b/ replied with the usual blend of constructive advice (“Run some water over it!” and “Call an ambulance!”) and the requisite anarchy (“I legit hope your dick falls off”) for the rest of the thread.

Our hero provided incremental updates. Apparently the cold-water thing just made the squeeze tighter, and the chaos eventually spilled over into a new thread. Here’s another censored image.

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Eventually the man took the advice and called an ambulance. But before he left the thread, he drew a little smiley face on his shaft. Sadly, Tapedick stopped posting updates in the forum, so the fate of his boner remains an unsolved mystery.

Check out the uncensored version here (NSFW).

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