PornHub Introduces Wankband: An Easy Way To Charge Your Gadgets By Jerking Off

PornHub, the most popular adult entertainment website in the world, has introduced a new revolutionary product called Wankband. The wearable device for the wrist creates energy from jerking movements and then stores it to be used to recharge devices via USB support, according to a video released by the online porn website.

PornHub’s press release has some more details on the Wankband:

“At Pornhub, we’re always thinking of ways to improve the user experience and world as a whole,” said Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub. “This is how we came up with Wankband, a wearable technology that enables users to create and harvest energy from their ‘daily routines’ to power, for example, a smartphone – or depending on how long one’s routine, a smartphone and a tablet. With millions of hours of video consumed daily, this could have a major impact on power consumption and give much pleasure to Mother Nature.”

The Wankband, which resembles a fitness tracker, uses a small kinetic charger built into the band to generate and store electricity created by motion — specifically, the motion that is usually done while watching porn. To encourage users to save energy by using their Wankbands, Pornhub is creating a “Wanking Warriors program” that offers special rewards.