Gawker Publishes Justin Bieber’s Dick Pics Allegedly Sent To Selena Gomez

Gawker media has published alleged text messages between Justin Bieber and his ex Selena Gomez, after Selena’s iPhone was reportedly hacked back in 2014.

The hacker has since shared the text messages with Gawker, allegedly containing uncensored dick pics that Justin sent to Selena via text message. Gawker has published the NSFW texts on their site Ratter under an article titled “The Case For Reparations For Justin Bieber’s Dick.”

They write:

Sometime in late January of last year, many tabloid media outlets were gifted with a set of text messages captured from the iPhone of one Selena Gomez, an actress, whose works include Spring Breakers and other stuff. The texts showed heated exchanges with her off-again, on-again boyfriend, iconic pop singer of the YouTube era, Justin Bieber. What was blurred out of those text messages were two photos sent by Mr. Bieber accompanied by a question to Ms. Gomez asking if she’ll “miss this.”

The “this” he’s referring to is his not-so-teeny wang, as you’ll see in the second image of the texts below:

You can check out the pics for yourself at this NSFW link.