USF’s Kappa Sigma Just Made These Steamy Promo Videos For Their Frat Bachelor Auction

Wish you could buy your very own fraternity hunk?

Well this week, the University of South Florida’s Kappa Sigma pulled out all the stops for their annual fraternity auction, a nationwide fraternity tradition.



The hunky members of Kappa Sig took things to the next level with some steamy and quite hilarious promo videos for their event:

TotalSororityMove adds:

Okay, so now you see what we’re working with, but from there, things only get better. The boys began the event with a Magic Mike-style dance, choreographed to BSB’s “I Want It That Way” by USF alumna Torrey Taylor. Are you sweating yet? Ladies were encouraged to dress up for the event, which almost never happens in college. As you can imagine, the show sold more than five hundred tickets to young women who were eager to put on their best to watch some hot guys take off their best.


The three rounds of bachelors were auctioned off and each of them came with a date package, ranging from a double date with margaritas to skydiving followed by massages. Men stripped down on stage to entice the women to up their bids, as the money would go to Fisher House, which aids wounded veterans and their families in recovering as they come home from war. The highest bid placed was $275, which helped Kappa Sigma reach its total of $2,740. For more photos from the event, head over to The Oracle, USF’s student newspaper. You won’t be disappointed.