Here Are Your Top 10 Colleges With The Hottest Guys

Need an excuse to go back to college?

Thanks to the crack team of researchers at CollegeMagazine, we have a list of the top 10 colleges with the hottest guys to help make your decision a little bit easier.

CollegMag explains:

There’s a lot of criteria to look over when choosing the right college for you: the hot guy ratio on campus, the hot guy ratio on campus and the hot guy ratio on campus. Okay, so realistically this has nothing to do with getting your college degree. Parents say there are more important things to worry about than that super smart AND attractive guy in your chemistry lab, but whoever said it was bad to have a little eye candy to look at every once in while?

College Magazine has researched a whole new list of schools with high 4-year gradation rates, endless varsity and intramural sports, popular Greek life, top-notch gym facilities and awesome weather. This list of schools is filled with guys who will undoubtedly distract you from your books.

Here are your Top 10 Colleges:

1. Pomona College

2. Washington And Lee University

3. Swarthmore College

4. University of Arizona

5. Ohio State University

6. Notre Dame

7. Vanderbilt

8. Rice University

9. Gonzaga

10. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

And check out why Pomona College took the number one spot on the list:

Just 32 miles east of Los Angeles, the guys at this southern California school might even give the nearby Hollywood hotties a run for their money. With the second highest 4-year graduation rate on the list at 92 percent, these SoCal boys have no problem surfing toward a degree while maintaining that golden tan. Claremont College’s Surfing Club has members from five surrounding schools, including Pomona. “Pomona has tons of cuties, but what sets them apart is that the guys are extremely smart and super interesting. Everyone you meet seems to have a unique passion,” said freshman Melinda Lue.