Looks Like Justin Bieber’s Abs & Happy Trail Were Photoshopped By Calvin Klein

It appears Calvin Klein has Photoshopped Justin Bieber’s muscles and happy trail in his new #MyCalvins underwear campaign.

Several online sites have pointed out that compared to his abs in the video, his abs in the official campaign print ads have been retouched to appear more defined. His pecs also appear larger and more defined in the print ad compared to the video ad.

TMZ also notes that his happy trail also appears to have been altered in the print ad:

Check out Justin Bieber’s wisp of a happy trail in the pic from the raw video of the photo shoot. Now check out the photo taken for the print ad … seems like Justin got a digital pelvic merkin.

EOnline (and most of twitter) has also pointed out that Bieber’s bulge appears to have been stuffed.

It does look like a sock, a roll of nickels or perhaps a small woodland creature has been shoved down there to give the illusion of an impressive package. And we’re sure that in the underwear modeling world, this kind of thing is just part of the gig, just like wearing self-tanner and using excellent lighting.