A Gay Man’s Guide To Creating The Sexiest Halloween Costume

It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means! It’s time to dress up as slutty as you’d like and totally get away with it.

To help inspire you with some sexy Halloween costume ideas, we thought we’d look back at last year’s outfits for some inspiration.

Check them out below:

Superheroes are always a safe bet:


Ask strangers to play with your balls in this ‘ball pit’ costume:


No Abs? No worries! Don’t be afraid to flaunt what you’ve got, like this sexy lumberjack:


Own the night like this divine Wonder Woman:

Photo Credit: OtherThinkingIt

Or dress up like this sexy Bert:



Army Soldiers are always a crowd pleaser:


Mario and Luigi make a great couples costume:

Dress up as a “human anatomy lesson”:

Wear a wrestling singlet, like these actual wrestlers:



Warriors and roman soldiers are a great way to show off a hot bod:



Size Queen:

Via Instagram @nathanvernon

Sexy Faun:

Sexy Zipper Face:

Via Instagram @gayhalloween

Crazy Alien Penis creature (Photo Credit: Joe Castro):

Zombies and skeletons:

 Skulls in suits:

Via Instagram @gayhalloween


Horny Devil: 

Via Instagram @hottestboyz

Grown-up babies:

Wear a Mankini:

Adam & Steve:

Sexy Firefighter:

Hooters babes:

Photo via Instagram @gprocaccino

 80s Drag Rockers:

Photo via Instagram @brenorourke

Hire a makeup artist to give you a one-of-a-kind look for Halloween:

Photo via Instagram @fuuuuuuta21 &  @blonde_nouveau


Sexy nurse:


If you’re on a budget, use a pizza box:

Or dress up as an Ikea bag:

Go as your favorite dating/hook-up apps:

Or dress up as this discreet Grindr user:

Paper bag princess:

via Instagram @jkadz

Sonic the Hedgehog:

Sexy Boy Scout:


Adorable “Where is Waldo?” couple:

One Night Stand:


Via Instagram @nickmreguiero


Mormon Elders:

Hell, just go crazy and dress up like this sexy bitch:

Here are a few clever family costume themes courtesy of Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Bomer:

As far as Halloween costumes you should avoid this year: ‘Blackface’, “sexy” Native American costumes and any other racist or culturally sensitive topics. Use your better judgement.

And if you really wanna freak people out, try pulling this costume off:

Happy Trick or Treating!

 Instagram @dp_4ever

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[Photo Source: Instagram/Tumblr]