After Teasing Gay Fans For Years, Bodybuilder Finally Leaks X-Rated Video On Tumblr

WARNING: This post contains NSFW content intended for mature audiences.

After years of teasing his gay fans with NSFW muscle flexing YouTube videos and half-naked Tumblr photos, amateur body builder Michael Hoffman has finally leaked a wickedly hot x-rated video showing off all his goods.

The video has gone viral on Tumblr, showing the hot Texas stud stroking himself and then having a taste of his sweet goods.

Before we get to the video, check out some of his earlier work below:

Behold this glorious site (If you are 18+ Click here to watch the video):



UPDATE: Check out more of Hoffman’s X-rated work below if you are 18+.


Video 1


Video 2


Video 3


Video 4


Bonus: Here are a few links to X-rated Hoffman GIFs Click here, here and here.

UPDATE #2: Michael Hoffman responds to gay rumors with YouTube video confession CLICK HERE.