ESPN Just Reported On Michael Sam’s Showering Habits, Because He’s Gay

ESPN has been closely following Michael Sam’s every move since he became the NFL’s first openly gay player, and is now apparently asking Sam’s teammates about his showering habits while attending training camp.

ESPN reporter Josina Anderson explains that Sam is “respecting [his teammates] space” and, according to an unnamed player, Sam is “waiting to take a shower as not to make his teammates feel uncomfortable.”

Anderson apparently asked two other Rams players about his showering habits to which the players said they “aren’t tracking” when Sam takes a shower.”

Perhaps ESPN should stop tracking or reporting about Sam’s showering habits.

Watch the segment below:

ESPN should stick to reporting on things that matter, like the time Sam sacked Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel in a preseason game last week:

[H/T: PhillyMag]