Gorgeous Male Model With Disability Strips Naked In Ad To Prove A Point!

Personal trainer and fitness model Jack Eyers has striped naked for a great cause: to raise money for a U.K. organization helping people with disabilities.

Eyers, an amputee born with a rare condition called Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency, stars in an advert for Scope, a U.K. charity that raises awareness and money for disabled people and their families. The ad is a spoof of the classic 1980s Levis Ad featuring Eyers stripping in a Scope charity shop.

“In the Scope ad I play a guy who takes a charity appeal a bit far. It was fun. The false leg has made me stronger,” Eyers said. “I’m determined to show disability needn’t stop you living a normal life.”

According to the BBC:

According to campaigning group Models of Diversity there are too few disabled models making it into the world of “perfect” bodies. “There aren’t really any disabled model role-models in the public eye,” says Eyers. “It’s just assumed this isn’t a path a disabled person would go down, whether they look good or not.”

Disabled models have been used in high-street campaigns in the past but Eyers says these models are often dropped after the initial publicity dies down.

Watch the ad below:

[H/T: Instinct]