Anti-Gay Activists Sneak Into Pride Parade To Hand Out Fake Condoms With Hateful Letters

Anti-gay activist Bill Whatcott successfully infiltrated Vancouver’s Pride parade on Aug 3, joined by four of his conservative evangelical Christian supporters camouflaged as members of the fictitious Calgary Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Whatcott, disguised in his revealing shorts and bright pink hair, distributed anti-gay leaflets disguised as condoms, or as they called them “Gospel Condoms.”

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“I want homosexuals to turn to Jesus and I believe that people can leave that lifestyle behind,” Whatcott says. “I made this Pride parade way more diverse. It’s not all leather men and naked dudes. Now it includes Christian people with diverse messages on homosexuality. True diversity.”

[Whatcott and volunteers pose with their Gospel Condoms | Photo Credit:]

Here is part of the message Whatcott’s Gospel Condoms contained:

Homosexuality is portrayed as an immutable, harmless, sexual orientation that is to be accepted and even celebrated. This is a lie. Anatomically everyone is heterosexual. The body is not created for sodomy…

In spite of billions of dollars being spent fighting sexually transmitted diseases ravaging the homosexual subculture, homosexuals are still suffering and dying from AIDS and other homosexually acquired diseases.

In Toronto 23% of self-identified homosexuals admit to being HIV+

AIDS, anal cancer, and Hepatitis B are potentially fatal diseases that are rampant in Vancouver’s homosexual community. Is this something to be proud of?



Whatcott and his Canadian volunteers spent a year preparing for the operation, spending over $4,000 to pay for gas, gospel condom production, the banner and T-shirts. They registered as a branch of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a parody religion that opposes the teaching of intelligent design and creationism in public schools, which had attended the parade in previous years.

Whatcott even set up a fake phone number and website to support his con.

DailyXtra adds:

In 2013 the Supreme Court of Canada upheld part of a 2005 Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal ruling against Whatcott for distributing anti-gay flyers. The high court unanimously ruled that two of the four flyers that Whatcott published and distributed violated the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code by promoting hatred and discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Whatcott says that his participation in the parade was part of a larger battle and that deception was necessary to get his message across. “The Supreme Court found me guilty of hate speech and I have been breaking that ruling ever since, and this is part of it,” he explains. “I’m still out there. I’m loud and not ashamed of my moral and theological protest. This is spiritual warfare. This is a war against the Supreme Court of Canada and the homosexual agenda. Using deception to get there is okay as long as it’s not malicious.”

The hate group’s “cover” was nearly blown according to VancityBuzz, when a female parade spectator opened her fake gospel condom after receiving it from one of the anti-gay marchers:

“While most of the people who received our Gospel condoms never opened them on the parade route, this lady opened her Gospel condom as soon as she received it and started reading it,” Whatcott wrote online.

“As she read it she started hyperventilating and was visibly upset. Jonathan realized our cover was on the verge of being blown as the chubby, almost naked woman was beginning to scream, so he quickly grabbed the Gospel condom from her and apologized and told her a homophobe handed it to him and that he meant to give her a Trojan condom.”

Watch Whatcott and his volunteers in action below:

Whatcott writes:

Bill Whatcott and his elite group of Christian Truth Activists staging on Thurlow and Alberni St at the beginning of the Vancouver Homosexual Pride Parade The bags my two activists Darcy and Jonathan are carrying in the video contain life saving and soul redeeming Gospel condoms. Thanks to the generosity of Trojan condoms we were able to cover up our Gospel condoms with a layer of Trojan condoms and avoid detection while we evangelized the entire parade route!