Here Are The Many Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

The Art of Manliness has outlined some important reasons why you should consider adding an ice-cold shower to your weekly routine.

Cold showers can help boost your testosterone levels, help with depression, and can help you develop emotional resiliency. Here are several more benefits as highlighted by Lifehacker:

Improve circulation: Your heart has to get pumping to try and warm you up, and that helps increase cardiovascular health.

Improve sleep: Taking a cold shower one hour before bed may help your body trigger sleep signals and give you a deeper sleep.

Keep skin and hair healthy: Cold water can add shine to your hair and close up your pores.

Speed up workout recovery: Cold exposure decreases inflammation and helps remove toxins like lactic acid because blood flow increases as your body warms up. The same reason athletes take ice baths.

Give an energy boost: Cold water will give your body a jolt of energy like nothing else. If you don’t believe it, give it a try.

Watch below: