Pornhub Data Finds Straights More Into Anal Sex Than Gays

PornHub has released new data about America’s love for ass, and some of the data suggests straight people are into ass as much as their gay counterparts.


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According to Pornhub:

Videos on Pornhub are categorized as either non-gay or gay since many search terms can apply to both. We were curious to see who searched for anal more often – gay people or straight people. Turns out, 5.78% of gay searches involve ass related terms and 7.24% for straight (non-gay) searches.

We were curious to see how many videos on Pornhub actually contained anal sex. For straight (non-gay) videos we found that 7% were tagged with the word anal. 35% of gay videos were tagged as including anal sex along with 32% of shemale videos and 41% of bisexual videos. Anal is consistently one of the most popular video categories (NSFW) viewed on Pornhub as well.

Pornhub also broke down anal related search data by state and country:

Here are the top “ass” and “anal” search terms:


[H/T: NewNowNext]