James Franco Congratulates His Lil Bro Dave Who Is Dating Zac Efron

James Franco broke the news that his little brother, Hollywood actor Dave Franco, was dating Hollywood heartthrob, Zac Efron.

James posted a photo on Instagram of Zac and Dave together, with the caption: “Effron and My brother, dating!!!!!! Congrats, boys! I’m so happy for you!!!”


E! News adds:

Yes, the screenshot looks pretty convincing, but if you pay attention to the details of the picture, you’ll notice that the font varies in different instances and the author of the story is “Dave Francock” with a thumbnail of James Franco.

E! tracked down the actual story that inspired James’ cruel joke, a Hollywood Life article about Efron dating his Neighbors co-star Halston Sage back in April.


Thanks for breaking our hearts James! You are a very cruel man!