Survey Says Germans Love To Get Naked At The Beach, Like These Dudes

Nearly a third of Germans have sunbathed buck-ass naked, according to a survey conducted by

The Telegraph reports that the travel site surveyed 11,165 and discovered that Germans are the nation most likely to wear their birthday suits at the beach.

Joining the Germans on 28 per cent at the top of the “taking-your-kit-off” league were the Austrians, followed by the Norwegians (18 per cent), Spanish (17 per cent), Australians (17 per cent) and New Zealanders (16 per cent). Of the nationalities surveyed, the Japanese came bottom (as it were) with just two per cent saying they have ever stripped off on the beach.

74% of worldwide respondents consider speedo-style briefs to be acceptable beach attire. A full 95% of Brazilians approve, followed by Austrians (94%), Germans (91%) and Spaniards (91%). Acceptance was lowest among Norwegians, with only 40% approving. 57% of Americans approve of the attire, as do 60% of the Japanese.

We found a few German’s who loves to take their clothes off and show us their goods:

Remember the naked German Motorcycle guy:

Our German friend Alon Gabbay loves giving us important body updates:

And so does German Daniel Gildner:

Let’s not forget Germany’s neighbor Denmark, who hosts the Roskilde Nuderun [NSFW]:

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