Study Finds Shorter Men Have Way More Sex Than You Taller Guys

A recent study comparing men’s sexual activity levels based on characteristics such as age, height, weight, and health, found that the younger, fitter men tended to get more action in the bedroom.

The surprising part of the study found a “coital frequency was higher among men with a height of less than 175 cm.” That means men under 5 ft 9 inches had more sex. Sorry all you “tall, dark, and handsome” guys!

According to the study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine:

Data for 531 heterosexual men aged 20-54 years were collected in three andrological centers. Past and recent morbidity, medications, and some lifestyle elements were recorded; anthropometric parameters were measured; and andrological examination was performed. The average weekly number of intercourses was asked confidentially.

[H/t: Instinct, Via Discovery Magazine]