Officer Calls Gay Man “Queer” & Kicks Him Out Of Kentucky Water Park For Wearing Speedo

While cooling off from a hot summer day at the Kentucky Kingdom earlier this week, Jesse Colter claims an LMPD officer approached him and threatened to arrest him for wearing a Speedo swimsuit, and allegedly called him a “queer.”

Earlier that day, Jesse claims a Public Safety Officer from the park informed him that it was okay to wear the brief trunks.

QueerFever reports:

According to Jessie, he was threatened with arrest and being called a “queer” by an LMPD officer. “He informed me that several Public Safety Officers from the park had warned [me], which is 100% false”, says Jessie. It was actually one of the PSO’s who earlier said that it was okay to wear the brief trunks.
The police officer asked Jessie to leave the park or face arrest. Jessie, who is not amused, has chosen to leave the park. He hasn’t filed an official complaint yet, as he believes it’s more important to get the word out first.

On July 7 Jessie tweeted out the following photo showing the bathing suit he was wearing and detailing the incident:

Kentucky Kingdom water park’s website says the water park reserves the right to determine whether a guest is dressed inappropriately on their FAQ page.

Guests must wear shirts and shoes at all times while at Kentucky Kingdom, except when inside the Hurricane Bay water park. Proper swimming attire is required at Hurricane Bay. For their own safety, guests may not swim in cut-offs or other clothing with rivets, zippers, or buckles. Kentucky Kingdom is a family-friendly theme park and reserves the right to determine whether a guest’s attire is appropriate.

Jenna Franch took to twitter expressing her dismay over the water park’s actions, she wrote “Today I witnessed a man get kicked out of Kentucky Kingdom for wearing a Speedo . Society needs to calm tf down.

We will keep you updated.

[H/T: Instinct via QueerFever]