Video of Young Tourist Blowing 24 Men for Free Drinks Reveals New Spanish Drinking Game [NSFW]

A Spanish mayor has launched a police investigation after a video showing a ‘British’ girl in Magaluf, a popular vacation destination for teenagers from the United Kingdom and Ireland, performing sex acts on more than 20 men for free drink was posted on the internet.

According to VICE:
Sucking dicks for drinks isn’t anything new. However, a story started circulating yesterday about a number of bars in Magaluf where public fellatio has been turned into a competitive sport for young Brits abroad. According to, the game involves girls racing to give blowjobs to as many guys as they can in a set amount of time, with the winner awarded free drinks for the rest of her holiday. There was even a video of one girl in action, flitting between 15 different guys. Needless to say, the video is incredibly bleak.


“It’s been going on for a couple of years, but it’s definitely getting worse,” said Tomo, who runs the Green Parrot Bollocks Bar in Magaluf. “It’s to do with the pub crawls. There are more and more of these pub crawls being set up, and it’s competition; they’re just trying to make them more and more sexy.”

Tomo adds:

Lads and lasses will pay €40 or whatever for a ticket, and they’re advertised as free booze – but they’re not really. You only get a free shot if you buy a drink. So they make up these party games to make people think they’re getting their money’s worth. And lots of people come over here to see all that carry-on.



I saw a lad blowing another lad the other day on a booze cruise. The DJ just announced it, and he was like, “Go on then.” It was for 20 extra points that don’t even exist. It’s a load of crap at the end of the day.

Watch the full uncensored video by clicking here if you are 18+.